Everyone always has a particular day job that earns him/her some income to cater for his/her living. But have you ever thought about making some extra cash to establish a particular project? The discussion below majors on ways of raising more money with a target of buying a dream car.

1. Doing online surveys

During your leisure time, you may attempt to utilize online survey opportunities provided, to earn some more money. One of the companies that offer these jobs is the survey junkie, you may always try your luck. This kind of a job does not require any experience you only need to sign up any time and fill out the surveys you will be asked to fill.

2. Drive others to their destinations

In your spare time you may consider working for companies such as uber or lyft to ferry people around. You should therefore be active to drive many customers since the rates of payments depends on issues like the covered miles and also the type of car you drive.

3. Creating an online course

If you have full knowledge in a specific area, you may try utilizing it to earn some more cash by charging others to learn about your ideas. For instance you may have some interests in baking cakes, these ideas should not be ignored. You may go ahead and create some online videos teaching others on how to go about it

4. Gambling and betting

Gambling itself is generic term while betting is a structured agreement. With gambling people place a particular wages on certain outcomes which they are uncertain about. On the other hand betting is between two parties where one predicts a particular outcome and places a bet on it. The other party may decide to pay the agreed amount of money or choose to forfeit the bet. If one invests in these activities, huge amounts of money can be realized if he/she wins the game.