If you are thinking or taking your car to be repaired, then you need to do a Google search for reputable garages. After undertaking a search you will be left with numerous avenues to investigate, so it is important that your search is specific as this will cut down on the time you spend looking.1930237-portrait-of-smiling-young-female-mechanicInstead of searching for general car repairs, specifically search for the car that you own. This will narrow down the parameters and ultimately leave you with results that are tailored to exactly what you want.For instance let’s say you search for a Hyundai I30. If you only put ‘car repairs’ into the search parameters then the search engine will search for every company that undertakes car repairs. However if you narrow down the search to “Hyundai I30 repairs” (with the quotation marks) then your displayed results will be significantly more desirable.

Actually deciding where to take your car to be repaired:

When deciding upon where to take your car, you generally have three options:

  • A local independent car repairs garage
  • The main dealership
  • Venture to the new car repair outsourcing centres

You have to decide how much you actually want to pay and how convenient it is going to be. Once you made this decision it will make it easier to take your car into a place where it suits you.Remember to take into account that main dealerships are often more expensive then smaller independent car repair garages. However, the gap between current hourly rates between main dealerships and independent garages is closing.If you decide to go with an independent garage, make sure that it has been recommended or you have used the garage before. Stereotypically, independent garages hold a reputation of ripping the customer off.Do not be afraid to phone your main dealership and local independent garages and compare prices. Ultimately, if you do have the time to contrast prices then it may save you a significant amount of money.When you are phoning garages, enquire about how long your car is actually going to be in for, so that you can then make arrangements for transportation whilst your vehicle is undergoing repair. The main advantage of going with a main dealer is that they would provide you with a free car.