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4 Main methods of Raising More Money To Buy A Dream Car

Everyone always has a particular day job that earns him/her some income to cater for his/her living. But have you ever thought about making some extra cash to establish a particular project? The discussion below majors on ways of raising more money with a target of buying a dream car.

1. Doing online surveys

During your leisure time, you may attempt to utilize online survey opportunities provided, to earn some more money. One of the companies that offer these jobs is the survey junkie, you may always try your luck. This kind of a job does not require any experience you only need to sign up any time and fill out the surveys you will be asked to fill.

2. Drive others to their destinations

In your spare time you may consider working for companies such as uber or lyft to ferry people around. You should therefore be active to drive many customers since the rates of payments depends on issues like the covered miles and also the type of car you drive.

3. Creating an online course

If you have full knowledge in a specific area, you may try utilizing it to earn some more cash by charging others to learn about your ideas. For instance you may have some interests in baking cakes, these ideas should not be ignored. You may go ahead and create some online videos teaching others on how to go about it

4. Gambling and betting

Gambling itself is generic term while betting is a structured agreement. With gambling people place a particular wages on certain outcomes which they are uncertain about. On the other hand betting is between two parties where one predicts a particular outcome and places a bet on it. The other party may decide to pay the agreed amount of money or choose to forfeit the bet. If one invests in these activities, huge amounts of money can be realized if he/she wins the game.

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Your Bored Passengers Will Love You Forever

For many people, traveling in a car is a somewhat mundane experience – especially for those who usually find themselves riding as a passenger most of the time. Simply trying to pass the time by perusing the net on a smartphone or staring out of the window at all the too-familiar scenes going by can get a little bit old.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is no longer any need to sit there in the car for hours, bored out of your mind. More and more cars these days are becoming connected to the internet and have many great features available as a result. You can stream music with ease, catch up on all your favourite TV shows and movies, and you can even sign in to your favourite online casino to pass your time in style.

Talking about casinos, one of the best ways that we have found to enjoy our trips in the car is to find a good online poker game. Poker is one of those games that don’t take long to learn and when you play a few hands, it is surprising at how much time goes by. It’s a perfect in-car activity, and it’s great that with all the new technologies that allow cars to stay connected have made online gambling easier as well.

There are many ways to pass the time in your car these days, but nothing holds a candle to playing an exciting game of Texas Hold’em while you are trying to get to your destination. Not only will playing a competitive game of poker with other players in real time turn a long trip into a blink of an eye, but you might get to your destination with a lot more money than you started the trip with.

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Do Your Passengers a Favour and Install a Mobile Wi-Fi

When it comes to great gadgets for your car, the list of options is long and interesting. You can find gadgets that make navigating easy, ones that tell you where the next speed trap is, attachments that turn your regular dashboard into a highly functioning smart screen that helps you keep track of everything you need to do throughout the day, and much more. One of our favourite gadgets for a car, though, is a Wi-Fi router that allows you to do whatever you want online while on the road.

The Benefits of a Mobile Wi-Fi Router for Your Car

Most of today’s high-tech gadgets for cars have the ability to connect to the web, and when you get a router, every piece of tech that you have in the car can be connected through the same connection. Not only does that make it easier to monitor how much internet each device is using but it’s also good for making sure everything stays connected. Another benefit to having a Wi-Fi router in your car is that everyone who gets in for a ride can easily access whatever they like.

Possible Uses for a Wi-Fi Router in Your Car

Apart from finding the best destinations around your current location, such as restaurants and shopping districts, there are other reasons to offer an internet connection in your car as well. Your passengers can spend time streaming videos and music which helps them pass the time when you are on long trips. They can also get into online gaming with ease. In fact, if any of your friends are fans of online casino games, you can make their next car ride very fun indeed.


Clearly, internet in your car is not just to add functionality to the vehicle or a deeper level of awareness for the driver. A good Wi-Fi connection can make a huge difference in how comfortable your passengers are. Who wouldn’t want to consider their friends?

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Improving Your Poker Game to Kill Time

Many times throughout the day we will find ourselves without anything much to do as we wait in line somewhere or have to get our car fixed. In these instances, learning poker can be a great way to pass the time. In addition to learning a new skill, you may find that you can make some money at the same time. With the ease of online connectivity, and the ability for players to access the Internet via mobile devices, it makes perfect sense to utilize this newfound resource to your advantage. Newcomers can simply start by learning about poker, much of which can be found online, something that will stand them in good stead later on when they wish to pursue the game further. There are numerous places to find out information, such as which the best poker sites are, where to get good bonuses and what games to play. There is so much information before even getting immersed into the nitty gritty of poker strategies, that it is worth taking this unexpected down time to read through it all. Once players have got a good grounding in the basics, they can then move on to explore the poker options that are available. This can include looking at the different variants, tournaments, and also whether they prefer to play video poker, live dealer games or simple virtual offerings. For those that wish to move on and take poker more seriously though, we would recommend focusing your time on the live games, as this offers a closer facsimile to that of the real world. Players can interact with the dealer and other players, getting a feel for how they play. However, starting small on the virtual games can be a good way to ease into the rather challenging world of online poker.

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Car Repair Tips

If you are thinking or taking your car to be repaired, then you need to do a Google search for reputable garages. After undertaking a search you will be left with numerous avenues to investigate, so it is important that your search is specific as this will cut down on the time you spend looking.1930237-portrait-of-smiling-young-female-mechanicInstead of searching for general car repairs, specifically search for the car that you own. This will narrow down the parameters and ultimately leave you with results that are tailored to exactly what you want.For instance let’s say you search for a Hyundai I30. If you only put ‘car repairs’ into the search parameters then the search engine will search for every company that undertakes car repairs. However if you narrow down the search to “Hyundai I30 repairs” (with the quotation marks) then your displayed results will be significantly more desirable.

Actually deciding where to take your car to be repaired:

When deciding upon where to take your car, you generally have three options:

  • A local independent car repairs garage
  • The main dealership
  • Venture to the new car repair outsourcing centres

You have to decide how much you actually want to pay and how convenient it is going to be. Once you made this decision it will make it easier to take your car into a place where it suits you.Remember to take into account that main dealerships are often more expensive then smaller independent car repair garages. However, the gap between current hourly rates between main dealerships and independent garages is closing.If you decide to go with an independent garage, make sure that it has been recommended or you have used the garage before. Stereotypically, independent garages hold a reputation of ripping the customer off.Do not be afraid to phone your main dealership and local independent garages and compare prices. Ultimately, if you do have the time to contrast prices then it may save you a significant amount of money.When you are phoning garages, enquire about how long your car is actually going to be in for, so that you can then make arrangements for transportation whilst your vehicle is undergoing repair. The main advantage of going with a main dealer is that they would provide you with a free car.

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Must Have Tools for a Home Mechanic

Some people prefer to take their cars to professional mechanics even when the slightest problem arises. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast or an individual who is keen to maximise on savings, handling your own automobile repairs can be a good way to go. Still, to be able to complete such tasks, you have to get the right tools. These should include the following:7886596-lifting-car-by-jack

Hydraulic Jack

One of the tools that every home mechanic should own is a hydraulic jack. Even if you never go under your vehicle, a time will come when you will need to and when this happens, it will be important that you do it safely. A jack will lift your car several inches above the ground and help you get enough room to work on the underside effectively.

Impact Wrench

If you walk into just about any auto mechanic shop, you will find an impact wrench and this is for a good reason. The tool simplifies any task that involves removal or fastening of nuts and bolts; this implies that once you have it, it will take less time to finish the work, and you will deal with fewer breakages and injuries(if any).

Brake Bleeding Kit

Like any other parts of the car, the brakes are set to wear out with time. When this occurs, you need to have a tool that can help you stop the grinding and squealing noises from those brakes. With a brake bleeder, you can get your brakes back in good condition and also remove any air that may get trapped in your hydraulic or break systems during the repair.

Mechanic Stethoscope

A mechanic stethoscope is basically a tool that helps you pick out areas from which rattling and other strange noises may be originating. As a home mechanic, the last thing you want is to spend too much time guessing what the cause of a noise may be, and make unnecessary replacements while at it. A mechanic’s stethoscope is one type of gadget that will make noise diagnosis so much easier.

Automatic Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is yet another device that you have to add to your tool collection. Once you preset the wrench, it will enable you to apply just enough torque as you fix your nuts and bolts. Therefore, with this tool in hand, you don’t have to worry about using excessive force. Other than being useful for vehicle repairs, a torque wrench can be employed in go-cart, bicycle, and motorcycle repairs.With the aforementioned tools and basic knowledge on general mechanics, any home mechanic can complete repair works on their vehicle.

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