Although many will state that the garage is the “man’s workshop”, such a functional area is never gender specific. On the contrary, both men and women can vastly benefit from the tools that are found here. While there are countless items that offer a multitude of benefits, some will serve multiple purposes.217365-electric-drillSo, what are the most important tools that no do-it-yourself enthusiast can do without? Let’s take a closer look.

Car Movers

These portable units are excellent if you need to move your car during servicing. Of course, only the most trusted models should be chosen for such a job. These devices will allow you to move even the heaviest vehicles with ease and safety(1).

The Hammer

Yes, the famous hammer has made this list. The primary reason that hammers are useful is that they serve countless purposes. From mending a door to building an outdoor shed or even fixing various parts within a car engine, there is perhaps no more universal tool than a hammer. So, it only makes sense that one should always be located nearby.

A Power Drill

Electrical drills have been a mainstay in many garages for well over a decade now. They will allow even the most challenging of jobs to be completed in a fraction of the time that would be required if you were simply using a screwdriver. Thanks to modern technology, most of these drills are now cordless and their batteries can last for hours at a time before needing to be recharged.

A Multi-Tool

Think of a multi-tool as the “Swiss army knife” for a garage. Containing everything from a hand saw to a pair of fold-out shears, these items are great at completing any number of tasks. Most of these tools are priced amenably and if used correctly, they can last for decades or longer.

Channel Locks

A good pair of channel-lock pliers is another must-have accessory for your garage. Their strength comes directly from the ability to loosen or tighten a wide variety of different bolts, nuts, valves and gaskets. If you were to ask any mechanic to list the tools that he uses the most, channel locks would certainly be within the first ten items.

An Electric Jigsaw

Jigsaws are great at cutting through a variety of woods (and metals) like butter. They are just as efficient at slicing a length of pipe as they are for trimming a door that will soon be hung within your home. Once again, the use of high-capacity batteries has enabled modern jigsaws to be lightweight, portable and highly dependable.Of course, this is but a short list of the vital tools that you should always have in your garage. As the expression goes, there is always the right tool for the right job!